Neutral Kaon Spectrometer 2

Kaon Photoproduction

NKS Spectrometer 2

Λ Photoproduction

Vertex Drift Chamber

ΛΝ Final State Interaction (FSI)

 The strangeness production processes by the electromagnetic interaction can be used as a probe to bestow indispensable information on the strength of meson-baryon coupling, and on the internal structure of hadrons with strangeness as a degree of freedom. Moreover, it can help to resolve issues regarding missing resonances that are predicted by quantum chromodynamics (QCD), that are yet to be experimentally observed. A large-acceptance spectrometer, Neutral Kaon Spectrometer 2 (NKS2), was newly constructed to explore various photoproduction reactions in the gigaelectronvolt region at the Laboratory of Nuclear Science (LNS, currently ELPH), Tohoku University. The spectrometer consisted of a dipole magnet, drift chambers, and plastic scintillation counters. NKS2 was designed to separate pions and protons in a momentum range of less than 1 GeV/C, and was placed in a tagged photon beamline. The present experiment aims to measure γd->K+Λn and γd->K0Λp cross-sections with the detection of a four-track reconstruction and also aims to study the Final State Interaction (FSI). The experiment is performed at the Research Center for Electron and Photon Science, Tohoku University (ELPH)