I enjoy spending my free time reading, cycling, sketching, and mostly studying and practicing Japanese swordsmanship (Iaido and Kendo). Not too long ago. I established as a place to expand on my ideas of budo, with a particular focus on Kendo and Iaido. The teachings from various instructors that I have been fortunate to receive will also make up the lion's share of what gets posted. The main contributor to Kenshi Journal is me. I grew up and began my practice of Japanese swordsmanship in Miami, FL, a large portion of instruction was at the Institute of Budo Studies. I'm a physicist by day having earned my doctorate at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan. During that time (~5 years) I trained extensively in Kendo and Iaido and was fortunate to learn from very highly ranked and experienced instructors. I was deeply influenced by the teaching of Suzuki Sazou sensei and Endo Katsuo sensei.   I believe our continued practice in these martial ways is a path to preserving a significant cultural jewel, to developing ourselves, and to learning compassion and humility such that we can serve as a source of inspiration and a nodel, guiding others along the way.

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